This program is for students already enrolled in a PhD program in Biomedical Engineering, Neurosicence, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or another program with a Neuroengineering emphapsis.


A minimum of 12 credits are required to complete the Neuroengineering Minor. The minor course selection must be approved by the Neuroengineering Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).

For any course listed in multiple categories, students must choose which requirement that course will fulfill. A single course cannot be counted simultaneously toward multiple categories.

Students may not use any of their minor courses to satisfy the core course requirements for their major program (i.e., a Neuroscience student cannot count NSCI 5101 as both a Neuroengineering Minor course and a core Neuroscience course).

Apart from the BMEn 8411 Neuroengineering Seminar course, all other courses must be completed for a letter grade (A-F), and a minimum grade of B- is required for the course to count toward the minor.

Required seminar course:

  • BMEn 8411 Neuroengineering Seminar (2) Required once, may be taken for credit twice.

Neuroengineering Introduction Course - One course from the following:

  • BMEn 5411 Introduction to Neural Engineering (3)

Neuroscience Introduction Course - One course from the following:

  • NSCI 5101 Introduction to Neuroscience for Graduate Students (3)
  • NSC 5561 Systems Neuroscience (4)


The following is not an exhaustive list but merely a representative sample of courses that would be appropriate to satisfy this requirement. Additional courses may be approved as electives by the Neuroengineering DGS.

  • BMEn 5401 Advanced Biomedical Imaging (3)
  • BMEn 5411 Introduction to Neural Engineering (3)
  • BMEn 5413 Neural Decoding and Interfacing (3)
  • BMEn 8101 Biomedical Digital Signal Processing (3)
  • BMEn 8151 Biomedical Electronics and Implantable Microsystems (3)
  • BMEn 8411 Neuroengineering Seminar (2)
  • BMEn 8502 Physiological Controls (3)
  • EE 5231 Linear Systems and Optimal Control (3)
  • EE 5239 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization (3)
  • EE 5542 Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (3)
  • ME 5281 Analog and Digital Control (4)
  • ME 5286 Robotics (4)
  • MPhy 5178 Physical Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3)
  • MPhy 8147 Advanced Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3)
  • NSc 8111 Quantitative Neuroscience (3)
  • NSc 8217 Systems and Computational Neuroscience (2)
  • Psy 5036W Computational Vision (3)
  • Psy 5038W Introduction to Neural Networks (3)
  • Psy 5063 Introduction to Functional MRI (3)
  • Psy 5065 Functional Imaging: Hands-on Training (3)